Virginia Fisher was born in Memphis, Tennessee to some very independent and creative parents. She completed a BFA in Metalsmithing and Fiber Arts at Appalachian State University. She does solo shows and participates in group shows as well as crafts fairs and selling in galleries. She enjoys a simple life filled with a lot of laughter. Virginia has returned to Memphis, where she makes her home and her artwork. Family, collective studios, and employers have provided the support and encouragement needed to work continuously on developing the copper basket series and new work.



Good people should know good people.  It may be a fact that I have never met a stranger.  Unsurprisingly, my work as a metalsmith is about connections.  How do two lines meet?  How does that define the space around them?  How does each piece connect with the world around it.  Training in fiber arts, as well as metalsmithing, feeds my work with skills that resolve problems and pull each piece together.  I am in love with creating a beautiful little square or circle.  A bit of a raised edge defines them as baskets or trays.  Working efficiently and diligently to get my work in the hands of people.  My belief is that a piece of art is only one touch away from the person who made it. So, in holding that art, you are making contact with another person, and never alone.  Using mixed metals, and patinas to explore subtle differences keeps the making dynamic and fresh.  I have created and sold bunches . Yet, I can’t imagine not waking up and wanting to make something. My brain is swimming with ideas of pieces to make by adding forms, cutting out sections, giving them lids, and making them feet!